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A personalized AI-driven news feed tailored to individual interests.

About Artifact News

Artifact News is a cutting-edge life assistant tool that leverages artificial intelligence to deliver a uniquely tailored news feed to readers. It combines personalization, accessibility, and data protection to redefine the way users consume and engage with news content.

Key Features

  • Personalized News Feed: The AI analyzes user preferences to deliver news articles and content tailored to individual interests.
  • Customizable Content: Users can easily customize the sources and types of content they want to see, ensuring relevance.
  • Unified Access: No more juggling multiple apps or websites; Artifact News brings all preferred content into one application.
  • Data Protection: With comprehensive Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, user data security is paramount.
  • Waitlist Exclusive Access: The platform is currently in private beta, allowing users to join a waitlist for exclusive access.

Areas of Use

  • News Enthusiasts: For those who follow global news passionately and want it curated to their preferences.
  • Professionals: Stay informed on industry-specific news, trends, and insights crucial for career development.
  • General Readers: Those looking to explore new topics and articles based on their varied interests.
  • Research: A tool for students, researchers, and academics to stay abreast of the latest developments in their field.
  • Convenience Seekers: For individuals who want an effortless, centralized way to follow news without needing to browse multiple sources.

What Makes it Special

Artifact News stands apart with its blend of personalization, convenience, and security. Its unique ability to tailor news feeds to individual preferences sets it apart in a cluttered market. Moreover, the exclusivity of its private beta adds an element of intrigue.


Artifact News is a revolutionary tool in the life assistant category, designed for modern readers who seek curated, relevant, and personalized news at their fingertips. With its strong emphasis on user preference, trust, and data security, Artifact News offers a fresh and engaging way to explore the world of news. Its private beta phase and exclusivity further enhance the appeal, making it an exciting opportunity for all types of readers to engage with news in a way that’s tailored just for them.

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