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Engage with historical and renowned thinkers through AI-powered conversations.

About AskThee

Unlock the wisdom of history’s greatest minds with AskThee, an innovative platform that connects you to legendary figures such as Aristotle, Einstein, and Frida Kahlo. Whether seeking inspiration, education, or merely intellectual curiosity, AskThee is the bridge to the unparalleled insights of renowned thinkers.

Key Features

  • Diverse Selection: Engage with figures like Aristotle, Albert Einstein, and Steve Jobs, amongst others.
  • Multilingual Support: Users can interact in any language, broadening the reach of knowledge.
  • Daily Questions: Three unique questions per day to choose from, stimulating constant curiosity.
  • Powered by ChatGPT-3 and NexJs: Utilizes cutting-edge AI to generate thought-provoking and authentic conversations.
  • No Signup Required: Hassle-free access to the tool for a seamless user experience.

Areas of Use

  • Lifelong Learners: Discover insights from world-renowned minds and feed intellectual curiosity.
  • Educators and Students: A valuable supplement to classroom material, providing unique perspectives.
  • Creative Thinkers: Spark inspiration by engaging with historically creative geniuses.
  • Researchers: Gain invaluable perspectives on a multitude of topics from true experts.
  • General Enthusiasts: Enjoy intellectual entertainment and challenge your own thinking.

What makes it special

AskThee provides a one-of-a-kind connection to the unparalleled wisdom of history’s leading figures. With diverse options and a seamless interface, it truly democratizes access to high-level intellectual engagement.


AskThee is more than just a fun tool; it’s an educational platform, a source of inspiration, and a connector to the thoughts of the world’s most influential individuals. By bridging the past and present through thoughtful dialogue, AskThee fosters a community of thinkers, learners, and curious minds. Dive into a world of wisdom, explore new perspectives, and enrich your intellectual journey with AskThee today.

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