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Buildt is an AI-powered code assistant that streamlines search and modification for developers.

About Buildt

Buildt Description

Buildt is a revolutionary code assistant that enhances the workflow of developers by providing intelligent code search and modification tools. Using state-of-the-art AI algorithms, it simplifies the coding process and boosts productivity.

Key Features

  • Intelligent Code Search: Buildt’s smart search technology helps users quickly locate the exact code they need, regardless of its complexity. This feature speeds up the development process.
  • Streamlined Code Modifications: Users can identify and alter relevant code snippets easily, thanks to the intuitive user interface, reducing the time spent on manual modifications.
  • Language Support: Buildt currently supports JavaScript and TypeScript, with plans to support 15+ languages in the future, ensuring broad applicability.
  • Code Management: Generate new code, refactor existing code, and manage dependencies effortlessly, contributing to an efficient coding workflow.
  • Privacy and Security: Buildt has policies to protect users’ privacy and does not store copies of indexed codebases, ensuring the security of the information.

Areas of Use

  • Software Development: Streamlining the process of code searching, refactoring, and editing, making it suitable for both individual developers and teams.
  • Educational Purposes: Serving as a tool for learning programming languages and understanding code structure.
  • Project Maintenance: Assisting in maintaining legacy code and removing duplicate or redundant code.
  • Language Translation: Facilitating the process of translating code into different programming languages as needed.
  • Development Experimentation: Enabling developers to try new approaches and extensions, fostering creativity and innovation.

What makes it special

Buildt distinguishes itself with its user-friendly interface and AI-driven search technology, enabling developers to find and modify code with precision. Its unique combination of intelligent search, diverse language support, and privacy commitment sets it apart from competing tools.


Buildt is an indispensable tool for developers seeking to enhance their coding efficiency and workflow. With its broad range of features, including intelligent search capabilities, streamlined code modification, and multilingual support, it caters to a wide spectrum of development needs. It’s free to use, accessible through a website, and committed to user privacy, making it an essential asset for any developer.

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