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ClarifyPDF is an AI-powered research tool that allows users to ask questions from their PDF documents and receive quick, precise answers.

About ClarifyPDF

ClarifyPDF is an innovative tool that revolutionizes the way users interact with PDF documents. With a focus on efficiency and ease of use, it empowers users to extract information by asking direct questions, transforming how PDF documents are used and understood.

Key Features

  • Question and Answer Capability: Enables users to ask questions directly from uploaded PDF documents and receive accurate answers.
  • Large PDF Support: Allows uploads of PDFs up to 10MB in size, catering to a variety of document types.
  • Generous Question Limit: Provides up to 100 questions per document without any time constraints, encouraging deep exploration.
  • Shareable Link: Offers a unique link to the document, enabling collaboration among teams or peers.
  • Affordable Pricing: At just $1.99 per PDF document with no recurring fees, accessibility is prioritized.

Areas of Use

  • Academic Research: Aids in quickly extracting relevant data from research papers or scholarly articles.
  • Business Analysis: Facilitates the understanding of complex business reports and insights extraction.
  • Legal Review: Simplifies the navigation of dense legal documents and contracts.
  • Technical Manuals: Ideal for understanding technical guidelines or instructions.
  • Personal Use: Offers an efficient way to explore and understand personal documents, e.g., guides, manuals, or educational materials.

What makes it special

The power of ClarifyPDF lies in its seamless integration of AI, enabling an intuitive Question & Answer interface with PDF documents. This user-friendly approach makes it stand out as a go-to solution for anyone seeking to extract information without the usual hassle.


ClarifyPDF is more than just a tool; it’s an empowering platform for researchers, professionals, students, and anyone who interacts with PDF documents. By offering a simple yet powerful way to ask questions directly from the document, it redefines the user experience, making information extraction not only accessible but enjoyable. ClarifyPDF is an indispensable asset for those seeking to optimize their workflow and make the most out of their documents.

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