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An AI-powered tool to analyze and understand media bias across diverse news outlets.

About Clarity

Clarity is a revolutionary AI-powered tool engineered to provide nuanced insights into the landscape of mainstream media coverage. Through data-driven analytics, it helps users dissect media narratives based on political leaning, enabling an informed perspective on current events.

Key Features

  • Media Ideology Tracking: Allows you to compare how left, center, and right-leaning media outlets cover specific topics.
  • Attention Metrics: Provides a statistical representation of the level of attention a topic receives across different media outlets.
  • Filtering Capabilities: Offers advanced filters to sort topics by date, attention level, and source for fine-grained analysis.
  • AI-Powered Newsletter: Receive weekly digests that aim to break your information bubble by introducing diverse perspectives.
  • Objective News View: Aggregates information to present an unbiased view, helping you make informed decisions.

Areas of Use

  • Media Analysis: Suitable for journalists, researchers, and analysts needing to dissect media coverage patterns.
  • Academic Research: Useful for scholars exploring the influence of media on public perception and policy.
  • Civic Education: Educators can employ it to teach students about the nature and impact of media bias.
  • Political Campaigns: Strategists can use it to understand how their candidates or issues are being covered.
  • Public Awareness: General users can benefit from its insights to navigate the media maze and form balanced opinions.

What Makes it Special

What sets Clarity apart is its intricate algorithm that not only identifies but also quantifies media bias, providing a data-backed basis for its findings. Unlike other tools, it offers a multi-faceted approach to understanding media, catering to both professionals and the general public.


Clarity stands as a beacon of nuanced analysis in a world saturated with biased news coverage. It not only equips professionals with the analytical tools they need but also educates the everyday person in media literacy. With Clarity, navigating the complex world of media becomes an insightful experience, devoid of misleading narratives.

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