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Clone yourself using AI to coach an unlimited number of clients 24/7.

About Coachvox AI

Coachvox AI is an innovative platform designed to transform the coaching industry by enabling influential entrepreneurs and coaches to create an AI-powered virtual version of themselves. With this tool, you can expand your reach, offer 24/7 support, and provide personalized responses, all without losing your unique style and voice.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Virtual Assistant: Create a virtual version of yourself that mimics your coaching style and answers client questions around the clock.
  • Customizable Coaching Experience: Tailor your AI’s tone, directness, and call-to-action to mirror your unique coaching style.
  • Lead Generation and Qualification: Automatically turn website visitors into leads and manage them efficiently.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: Track progress, monitor conversations, and improve your AI’s performance with actionable insights.
  • 7-Step Training Program: An in-depth training program to ensure that your AI clone resonates with your voice, tone, and style.

Areas of Use

  • Customer Service: Provide 24/7 support to clients, ensuring timely and personalized responses.
  • Lead Generation: Convert prospects into inquiries through intelligent engagement.
  • Team Empowerment: Enhance team efficiency by automating routine tasks and inquiries.
  • Membership Value Addition: Add value to memberships by offering AI-driven support and personalized interactions.
  • Email Responses: Automate email interactions to stay in touch with clients and build familiarity.

What Makes it Special

Coachvox AI stands out by enabling a seamless integration of personalized AI coaching that resonates with your unique style, empowering you to serve a broader audience without compromising quality. Its customizability and innovative features make it a pioneer in the coaching industry.


Coachvox AI is not just a tool; it is a revolutionary approach to virtual coaching. By capturing the essence of your coaching style and replicating it through AI, it paves the way for infinite scalability. Entrepreneurs and coaches looking to expand their reach and enhance their services will find Coachvox AI to be an indispensable partner in their journey towards success. Experience the future of coaching with Coachvox AI and elevate your business to new heights.

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