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Cohesive elevates your copywriting journey by seamlessly blending human creativity with AI-driven productivity.

About Cohesive

Cohesive is a meticulously designed AI-powered tool aimed at optimizing the copywriting process, from creation to refinement and publication. It’s where your creativity meets artificial intelligence to produce compelling and high-converting content.

Key Features

  • AI Editor: Employs an AI-driven editor that suggests edits in real-time, ensuring every word is perfectly crafted.
  • 50+ Templates: Offers a wide variety of templates for SEO, social media, and more, catering to multiple content needs.
  • Collaborative Workspace: Designed for team collaboration, it allows real-time editing and tracking to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Multi-platform Integration: Cohesive integrates with platforms like Gmail, Twitter, and LinkedIn, letting you work without limitations.
  • Performance Tracking: Utilizes data analytics to provide insights into the performance of your content, assisting in ROI maximization.

Areas of Use

  • Marketing: Maximize your marketing ROI by creating high-converting ad copies and improving search engine rankings.
  • Sales: Craft conversion-focused emails and subject lines that increase open rates and turn prospects into profits.
  • Customer Support: Generate AI-powered responses and comprehensive FAQs for faster customer query resolution.
  • Social Media: Grow your social media presence with targeted and optimized posts.
  • Personal Use: Enhance your personal writing projects with AI suggestions, whether it’s a LinkedIn bio or a cover letter.

What Makes It Special

Cohesive sets itself apart by being more than just an AI editor; it’s a comprehensive platform that covers all aspects of copywriting while offering collaborative features. The tool promises to deliver content 13 times faster, offering both quality and speed.


Cohesive is an all-in-one solution for those looking to scale their copywriting efforts without compromising on quality. Its robust set of features coupled with real-time collaborative capabilities makes it an indispensable tool for both professionals and individuals alike. Elevate your writing and productivity with Cohesive, the platform where AI complements human creativity.

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