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CollovGPT revolutionizes interior design by employing generative AI to create personalized visualizations.

About CollovGPT

CollovGPT is an AI-powered design assistant, transforming the conventional interior design process with cutting-edge technology. It uniquely customizes and visualizes interiors, providing realistic, high-quality renderings that align with users’ preferences.

Key Features

  • Customization: Customize your design style swiftly with a user-friendly interface, catering to various aesthetics.
  • AI Design: Generate AI-powered interior images within seconds, providing real-time design options and edits.
  • ChatDesigner: Communicate with the ChatDesigner for multiple designs, real-time modifications, and purchase links.
  • Real-time Rendering: Experience rooms in different lighting and color schemes with real-time rendering capabilities.
  • Video Rendering (upcoming): An awaited feature allowing users to create video visualizations of their interior designs.

Areas of Use

  • Home Interior Design: Create personalized, visually appealing designs for homes tailored to individual tastes.
  • Business Space Customization: Utilize AI to generate unique designs for commercial spaces like offices or shops.
  • Real Estate Showcasing: Provide potential buyers or renters with realistic renderings of spaces in various styles.
  • Virtual Design Collaboration: Collaborate virtually with clients, enabling them to visualize and participate in the design process.
  • Education in Interior Design: A practical tool for students and educators in interior design to experiment and learn.

What makes it special

CollovGPT brings a blend of simplicity and innovation to the field of interior design, making professional design accessible to everyone. Its real-time interactive features set it apart from competitors by offering instant, personalized renderings.


CollovGPT is not just an AI tool but a game-changing solution for interior design enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses. With its diverse, user-friendly features and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of design with AI, it offers an unmatched design experience. Its continuous evolution and user-centric approach make it an essential tool for anyone looking to bring their interior design visions to life.

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