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Contentinator is an AI-powered design assistant that facilitates high-quality content generation directly within Figma.

About Contentinator

An innovative design tool, Contentinator empowers designers with AI-driven content creation capabilities right within Figma. From generating text to producing high-quality images and videos, Contentinator is your one-stop solution for design enhancement.

Key Features

  • Text and Image Generation: Automatically generate high-quality text, images, and videos using AI technology.
  • Content Customization: Select from a library of royalty-free images, or customize content with user-friendly tools.
  • Integration with Figma: Seamlessly integrated within Figma, offering a streamlined design experience.
  • Versatile Writing Options: Capable of creating articles, blog posts, and taglines, offering wide-ranging applications.
  • Stress-test Designs: Evaluate and improve designs using realistic content, ensuring top-notch quality.

Areas of Use

  • UI/UX Design: Populate designs with lifelike content for realistic previews.
  • Content Creation: Enhance marketing campaigns with AI-generated images and text.
  • Graphic Design: Access high-quality images and videos tailored to design needs.
  • Copywriting: Inspire creative writing and improve copy with AI assistance.
  • Education: A valuable resource for design students and educators in various design disciplines.

What Makes It Special

Contentinator’s deep integration with Figma and versatile content generation capabilities set it apart from the competition. It not only saves time but also elevates the quality of design work.


Contentinator offers an unmatched blend of creativity and efficiency, turning the complex task of content generation into a simple and enjoyable process. Its wide array of features and applications make it a must-have for both professional designers and amateurs alike. Invest in Contentinator and take your design work to the next level.

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