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Dasha is a powerful AI-as-a-service platform that offers developers the tools to seamlessly embed realistic voice and text conversational capabilities into their applications or products.

About Dasha

Dasha is a cutting-edge AI-as-a-service platform empowering developers to create realistic voice and text conversations for various applications and products. With its versatile and user-friendly interface, Dasha simplifies complex conversation design, making it an excellent choice for professionals in need of seamless integration.

Key Features:

  • Single Integration: Enables conversational apps across web, desktop, mobile, and call centers through a unified integration process.
  • DashaScript: Utilizes a declarative programming language for designing intricate conversations meeting Turing test standards.
  • Platform Compatibility: Works with any platform and programming language that connects to the internet and has access to a speaker/mic.
  • VSCode Extension: Enhances the management and deployment of Dasha applications with DashaScript IntelliSense.
  • Free Tier: Allows developers to explore and test Dasha’s capabilities, offering a risk-free introduction to the platform.

Areas of Use:

  • App Developers: Easily integrates conversational capabilities into web, desktop, and mobile applications.
  • Call Center Solutions: Enhances call center efficiency with AI-driven voice conversational functionalities.
  • AI Chatbots: Facilitates the creation of lifelike and interactive AI chatbots for customer support and engagement.
  • Voice-Enabled Apps: Enables voice-activated features for diverse applications and products, fostering a more interactive user experience.
  • Insurance Processing: Can be applied to insurance claims processing, providing a more efficient and automated system.

What makes it special:

Dasha’s unique value lies in its innovative approach to conversation design, offering a diverse range of tools tailored to professional developers. Its adaptability across platforms and its user-centric design makes it stand out in the competitive landscape.


Dasha provides an unparalleled opportunity to revolutionize the way developers approach voice and text conversation design. Its robust features and versatile applications position it as a leading tool in the developer toolkit. For anyone looking to create engaging, human-like conversational experiences, Dasha is a must-explore platform.

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