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Dreamt is an AI-powered journaling tool that aids users in capturing, analyzing, and reflecting on their dreams.

About Dreamt

Dreamt is an innovative mobile app designed to provide dream enthusiasts with an intelligent platform for recording, analyzing, and understanding their dreams. Powered by AI, Dreamt offers a wide array of features that go beyond mere recording to offer valuable insights and visual representations of dreams.

Key Features

  • Text and Voice Dream Recording: Allows users to record dreams using text or voice input for future analysis and reflection.
  • Dream Data Insights: Provides comprehensive statistics and insights about dream patterns, including recurring entities and sleep hours.
  • AI-Generated Story Images: Generates visually captivating images based on dream entries, enhancing the dream reflection experience.
  • Sentiment Analysis with SentiMojis: Analyzes the emotional tone of dreams using emojis, adding a unique perspective to dream interpretation.
  • Automated Tagging: Automatically identifies and tags names, places, and companies, allowing for a rich analysis of dream themes.
  • Backup to iCloud: Offers secure storage and cross-device access by enabling backup of dream entries to iCloud.

Areas of Use

  • Individual Dream Analysis: Enables individuals to track and reflect on personal dream patterns and recurring themes.
  • Emotional Reflection: Assists in understanding the underlying emotions of dreams through unique sentiment analysis.
  • Visual Representation: Suitable for those seeking to visualize dream narratives through generated story images.
  • Privacy-Focused Journaling: Ideal for users seeking a secure and private way to record their dreams.
  • Education and Research: Can be employed by researchers and therapists to study dream behavior and interpretations.

What Makes It Special

Dreamt sets itself apart with its unique AI-powered features and visually engaging dream analysis, offering a level of insight unmatched by conventional journaling apps. Its commitment to user privacy also ensures a secure and personalized experience.


Dreamt provides a comprehensive and intelligent platform for anyone seeking to explore the fascinating world of dreams. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, it facilitates an immersive journey into the subconscious mind. Whether you are a dream enthusiast or a professional working in dream research, Dreamt is an invaluable tool that unlocks the power of dreams, offering a new perspective on self-discovery and personal growth.

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