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An AI-powered tool that transforms text instructions into precise Excel and Google Sheets formulas.

About Formula Bot

Formula Bot is an AI-driven website designed to assist both professionals and beginners in the creation of complex Excel and Google Sheets formulas. With the help of natural language processing technology, this tool rapidly converts text instructions into accurate formulas, simplifying the cumbersome manual process and enhancing productivity.

Key Features

  • Automatic Generation of Complex Formulas: Easily create complex formulas with the click of a button, saving time and effort.
  • Compatibility with Excel and Google Sheets: Works seamlessly with both Excel and Google Sheets, providing a unified experience.
  • Cost Calculator: A unique feature to determine the cost of time spent on formula creation, helping in efficient budgeting.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design allows for quick and easy generation and understanding of formulas.
  • Free Access with Premium Options: Offers powerful features for free with additional premium functionalities for enhanced performance.

Areas of Use

  • Data Analysts: Enables swift data analysis and visualization through quick formula generation.
  • Business Professionals: Assists in automating repetitive tasks, improving efficiency in financial modeling.
  • Students and Educators: Aids in understanding Excel formulas, enhancing educational processes.
  • Financial Experts: Streamlines financial calculations, aiding in precise financial modeling and planning.
  • Research Scientists: Facilitates data manipulation, contributing to effective scientific analysis and research.

What Makes it Special

The main value of Formula Bot lies in its advanced natural language processing technology, which distinguishes it from other tools. By automating complex formula creation, it enables users to work smarter and faster, becoming an essential tool for over 1 million trusted users.


Formula Bot stands as a revolutionary tool in the field of Spreadsheets, bridging the gap between complex formula creation and user-friendly experience. Its compatibility with major spreadsheet platforms and its unique features like the cost calculator set it apart from the competition. Embracing Formula Bot will not only enhance productivity but also transform the way professionals and learners interact with Excel and Google Sheets.

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