(0 reviews) offers AI-powered digital employees to help businesses automate repetitive tasks, boosting productivity.


As Europe’s leading digital staffing platform, empowers teams to unlock their creativity and productivity by outsourcing tedious, repetitive tasks to digital employees. Inspired by the belief that everyone should be “free on Friday,” offers a flexible and customized solution to meet various operational needs.

Key Features:

  • Various Operational Areas: Offers digital employees for tasks such as customer care, employee engagement, accounts payable, and more.
  • Improved Productivity: Helps in freeing up team members’ time, enhancing experiences, and potentially increasing revenue.
  • Reputable Partnerships: Collaborates with partners such as Google Cloud Partner, NL-AI-Coalitie, and NEN for safe and accurate outsourcing.
  • Global Support: With offices in Rotterdam and New York, offers support to clients globally.
  • AI-Focused Newsletter: Keeps clients informed through its AI-focused newsletter, containing valuable insights and the latest technology trends.

Areas of Use:

  • Customer Support: Automate routine tasks and improve response times.
  • HR Departments: Enhance employee engagement with AI assistance.
  • Finance Teams: Streamline accounts payable processes.
  • Small to Large Businesses: Flexible solutions for varying business needs.
  • Global Operations: Extend support and services to clients globally.

What Makes It Special: stands out by providing versatile and intelligent digital employees, tailored to meet specific business needs. Its emphasis on improving productivity through automation sets it apart from competitors.

Conclusion: is not just a tool but a strategic partner for businesses striving for efficiency and innovation. By embracing’s offerings, businesses can elevate their operations to new heights, benefiting from reliable partnerships and state-of-the-art technology. Join the Freeday revolution today to explore how this platform can align with your unique goals. Reviews

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