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An AI-powered tool that revolutionizes research by summarizing, extracting, and organizing key information from articles, blogs, and papers.

About Genei

Genei is a cutting-edge AI-driven summarization and research tool designed to streamline the process of reading, extracting, and summarizing textual information. Whether it’s a student preparing for exams or a professional working on an industry report, Genei offers an intuitive solution to handle vast amounts of text effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • AI-Generated Summaries: Utilizes custom AI algorithms to provide concise summaries of articles, research papers, and webpages, saving time and enhancing understanding.
  • Keyword Extraction: Helps users identify crucial keywords from PDFs, webpages, or documents, enhancing search and categorization.
  • Chrome Extension: Easily summarize and save webpages for later reading, enabling a more fluid research workflow.
  • Pro Version: Offers advanced functionalities like GPT3 access, multi-document summarization, search, rephrasing, and paraphrasing capabilities.
  • Document Management: Features like file storage, annotation capabilities, citation management, and reference generator to keep your work organized.

Areas of Use:

  • Academic Research: Students and academics can efficiently analyze and summarize complex articles and papers quickly.
  • Content Creation: Writers and journalists can extract key information from various sources for engaging content.
  • Professional Reports: Industry professionals can craft detailed reports with quick access to summarized data and insights.
  • Knowledge Management: Organize and store documents, enabling easy access and retrieval, ideal for businesses.
  • Browser-Based Research: Utilize the Chrome extension to save and summarize webpages for future reference.

What makes it special:

Genei stands out for its intelligent summarization algorithm, user-friendly interface, and diverse functionality that caters to various professional needs. Its recognition by prestigious platforms like TechCrunch and Oxford University’s Innovation competition underlines its credibility and efficiency.


Genei is more than just a summarization tool; it’s a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to enhance their research and content processing workflow. With a wide array of features and an affordable pricing structure, it offers immense value to students, professionals, and researchers alike. Experience the future of reading and summarizing with Genei, a tool designed to simplify complexity and empower your work.

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