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InboxPro supercharges email management with AI-driven tools for efficiency and personalization.

About InboxPro

InboxPro is an AI-powered Email Assistant designed to transform the way professionals handle emails. Through an array of intuitive tools and features, it streamlines the email management process, significantly reducing time and effort. Its seamless integration into Gmail makes it an essential tool for those seeking to enhance their productivity.

Key Features

  • Automate Follow-ups: Enables automatic follow-ups to ensure leads and opportunities are never missed. It helps in maintaining consistent communication and follow-through.
  • AI-powered Automation for Composing Emails: The tool uses AI to write emails, thus saving time and improving efficiency in professional correspondence.
  • Calendar Scheduling Integration: Allows quick and convenient scheduling of meetings, connecting with people’s availability directly.
  • Email Tracking: This offers insight into who opens emails, enabling better engagement and understanding of recipients’ behavior.
  • Templates and Signatures: Provides a library of professional templates and allows adding branded signatures, ensuring a uniform and elegant appearance in communication.

Areas of Use

  • Business Communication: Enhance team collaboration, manage client communication, and internal coordination.
  • Sales and Marketing: Enables tracking email engagement, automating follow-ups, and managing leads more effectively.
  • Individual Productivity: Designed for professionals who require efficient email management to focus on more vital tasks.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Allows businesses to visualize email activity and generate insights for continuous improvement.
  • Customer Support: Helps in managing customer queries and responses with timely and relevant communication.

What Makes It Special

InboxPro not only elevates email management but adds a layer of intelligence through AI. Its powerful automation tools, combined with insights, set it apart from conventional email assistants. Its compatibility with Gmail makes it even more accessible to a broad user base.


InboxPro revolutionizes email handling by automating numerous mundane tasks, thus allowing professionals to concentrate on what truly matters. Its features, such as AI-driven composing, tracking, and template utilization, make it an indispensable tool for modern communication. Whether you are an individual or part of a dynamic business environment, InboxPro offers a versatile and efficient way to manage emails, making it a smart investment for everyone.

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