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An innovative platform for creating lifelike AI characters tailored to gaming, entertainment, and virtual worlds.

About Inworld

Inworld offers a cutting-edge solution that empowers developers to breathe life into artificial characters for games, digital experiences, and virtual worlds. With the power of 20 machine learning and character AI models, Inworld creates lifelike avatars capable of interaction, memory, and emotion.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Characters: Utilizing 20 machine learning models, Inworld crafts realistic personalities and behaviors for each avatar.
  • Easy Creation: Developers can create intelligent characters in minutes and refine them using chat or VR.
  • Integration with Popular Engines: Offers comprehensive integration with Unity and Unreal, as well as a Node.js SDK.
  • Dynamic Conversations: Avatars can engage in open-ended conversations, provide advice, hints, and respond naturally.
  • Customization: Tailoring avatars to fit any story, genre, or virtual environment for a personalized experience.

Areas of Use

  • Interactive Gaming: Enhance player engagement through immersive AI characters that interact and adapt.
  • Virtual World Creation: Realistic characters to enrich virtual landscapes and environments.
  • Educational Simulations: Create characters that facilitate learning through interaction and contextual awareness.
  • Entertainment Experiences: Lifelike characters to elevate entertainment platforms and events.
  • Customer Support: Utilize avatars as virtual hosts for a more personalized customer experience.

What makes it special

Inworld stands out by offering intuitive tools for crafting authentic, AI-driven characters that can be seamlessly integrated into various platforms. Its real-time generation and multimodality put it ahead of the competition.


Inworld AI is the essential tool for any developer seeking to elevate their gaming, entertainment, or virtual world experiences. With the robust features, easy creation process, and versatile applications, Inworld transforms the way we interact with digital characters. Embrace the future of interactive technology with Inworld, and watch your virtual worlds come alive like never before.

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