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An AI-powered email and calendar assistant designed to streamline meeting scheduling and email management.

About Ipso AI

Ipso AI is a cutting-edge email assistant that utilizes AI technology to help busy professionals efficiently manage their emails and schedule meetings with ease. Powered by GPT-3, it offers personalized email drafting and calendar management based on user preferences.

Key Features

  • AI Email Drafting: Automatically composes email responses, saving valuable time and effort.
  • Calendar Integration: Syncs with your calendar to understand availability, simplifying meeting coordination.
  • Automated Responses: Provides helpful suggestions such as sending meeting links or proposing dates and times.
  • GPT-3 Powered: Leveraging advanced NLP technology for intuitive and efficient email organization and response.
  • Customized Reminders: Tailors reminders to suit individual needs, ensuring punctuality and readiness.

Areas of Use

  • Executives: Helps busy executives save time on email and calendar management.
  • Team Managers: Improves productivity by automating tedious scheduling tasks.
  • Administrative Professionals: Aids in optimizing workflow with tailored AI assistance.
  • Sales Professionals: Efficiently schedules meetings, allowing more time for lead nurturing.
  • Freelancers: Manages scheduling and correspondence, leaving more time for core tasks.

What makes it special

Ipso AI stands out with its unique ability to provide personalized email drafting and intelligent calendar management, all underpinned by the powerful GPT-3 engine. Its adaptive learning enables it to cater to individual user preferences, making it an invaluable tool for diverse professional needs.


Ipso AI offers a groundbreaking solution for reducing the time and energy spent on emails and scheduling. Its unique combination of intelligent email drafting, efficient calendar management, and personalized touch allows professionals to focus on more meaningful tasks. With Ipso AI, users not only save time but also elevate their professional communication to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness.

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