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Juji is a cognitive AI chatbot tool designed to create intuitive, empathetic chatbots across various industries, without requiring coding skills.

About Juji

Juji is an innovative and user-friendly cognitive AI chatbot platform that enables businesses and professionals to build AI-powered chatbots without needing any coding expertise. Leveraging advanced cognitive intelligence, Juji offers authentic, personalized connections, and enhances various aspects of customer engagement, education, and high-touch human services.

Key Features

  • No Coding Required: Enables quick and effortless building of AI-powered chatbots without the need for any technical skills.
  • Pre-Built Templates: Offers industry-specific chatbot templates that cater to sectors like education, healthcare, talent management, and more.
  • Empathetic Automation: Features human soft skills such as empathy and active listening for an authentic connection.
  • Authentic Two-Way Conversations: Facilitates real, interactive dialogues with users for personalized experiences.
  • Enterprise-Scale Flexibility: Allows the deployment of single or multiple chatbots in the cloud or on-premise, providing scalability.

Areas of Use

  • Education: Assists in creating interactive and personalized online education experiences for students.
  • Healthcare: Enhances telehealth services by engaging patients with empathetic and informative chatbots.
  • Talent Management: Streamlines recruitment and employee onboarding through targeted interactions.
  • Surveys and Interviews: Conducts engaging conversational surveys and interviews for better insights.
  • Customer Support: Provides authentic customer support through intelligent, empathetic automation.

What Makes it Special

Juji sets itself apart by combining cognitive intelligence with human-like empathy, offering a unique, user-centered approach. Its ability to be customized across multiple industries without requiring coding makes it a versatile tool for businesses of all sizes.


Juji is revolutionizing the way businesses engage with their audiences, empowering them to create intuitive and empathetic AI chatbots with ease. Its no-code approach, combined with pre-built templates, empathy, and enterprise flexibility, offers a cutting-edge solution for various industries. Whether for education, healthcare, or customer support, Juji delivers seamless experiences, maximizing efficiency and satisfaction. It’s a tool that encapsulates the future of AI-powered human interaction.

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