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Kahuna empowers experts to monetize their knowledge with AI-assisted subscriptions for advice-giving.

About Kahuna

Kahuna is an innovative platform that helps experts in various fields monetize their knowledge and expertise through AI-assisted monthly subscriptions. It allows professionals to answer questions, offer advice, and share their insights through an intuitive and streamlined system.

Key Features

  • Expertise Monetization: Kahuna allows experts to sell monthly subscriptions to answer questions, providing a new income stream.
  • Custom AI Assistance: Receive AI-generated first-draft responses that pull from the expert’s knowledge base, saving time.
  • Flexible Subscription Model: Offers various pricing plans and tiers to tailor the service according to the expert’s needs.
  • Single Dashboard Management: Centralized platform for managing subscriptions, editing responses, and tracking progress.
  • Personalized Advice at Scale: Custom AI provides context and background on each subscriber, enabling personalized advice.

Areas of Use

  • Coaching: Professionals in coaching can provide valuable advice to subscribers.
  • Consulting: Experts can offer specific insights and recommendations on various business topics.
  • Training: Trainers can answer questions and provide guidance on diverse subjects.
  • Education: Educators can offer subscription-based tutoring or specialized knowledge sharing.
  • Startup Tools: Entrepreneurs can use Kahuna to share insights, provide mentoring, and connect with other startups.

What makes it special

The main value of Kahuna lies in its ability to enable experts to monetize their unique skills and knowledge while maintaining personal connections with their audience. The AI-assisted responses save time and allow for scalability without losing the personal touch.


Kahuna is more than just a tool; it is a comprehensive solution for professionals looking to unlock the potential of their expertise and generate steady income. The blend of AI assistance and human interaction ensures that the answers are tailored and valuable. By joining Kahuna, experts can transform their skills into a thriving business, focusing on what they do best while Kahuna handles the rest.

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