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Lobe simplifies the creation and training of custom machine learning models with a user-friendly, no-code approach.

About Lobe

Lobe Description: Lobe is a revolutionary free website that allows users to easily train custom machine learning models without any coding experience. With Lobe’s user-friendly interface, creating and deploying machine learning models becomes a streamlined and accessible process.

Key Features:

  • Simplified Process: Train models in three easy steps – collect and label images, train your model, and use your model.
  • Automatic Architecture Selection: Lobe selects the right machine learning architecture for your project.
  • No-Code Solution: Train models without any coding or prior experience required.
  • Export Options: Export your model to industry-standard formats and use it on any platform.
  • Collaborative Environment: Collaborate and share models with ease, making team projects more efficient.

Areas of Use:

  • Developers: Integrate custom machine learning models into apps.
  • Businesses: Leverage machine learning for specific use cases.
  • Education: A powerful tool for students and educators to experiment with machine learning.
  • Research: Conduct scientific research using custom models for data classification and object detection.
  • Individual Enthusiasts: For hobbyists looking to delve into machine learning without coding.

What makes it special:

Lobe is distinguished by its no-code approach, making custom model training accessible to all regardless of experience. Its automatic architecture selection and collaborative features make it stand out as a convenient tool for a wide range of users.


Lobe is a transformative tool in the world of machine learning, breaking down barriers and opening up the field to everyone. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, it allows for a seamless transition from idea to implementation. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just beginning to explore machine learning, Lobe offers a unique and convenient solution to bring your projects to life.

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