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LogMeal is an AI-powered tool for food recognition, nutritional analysis, and restaurant checkout automation.

About LogMeal

LogMeal offers an innovative and comprehensive solution for individuals and businesses seeking to recognize, analyze, and process food information. Utilizing cutting-edge AI, it streamlines health tracking and restaurant management.

Key Features

  • Advanced Food Recognition: Utilizes deep learning algorithms to identify over 1300 dishes, providing detailed nutritional information.
  • Touchless Checkout: Reduces waiting times in self-service restaurants by providing a touchless checkout kiosk.
  • API Integration: Fully integrable with other apps for personalized customization and learning experiences.
  • Real-time Consumption Analysis: Aids food tracking for various demographics, such as the elderly or diabetes patients.
  • Personalized Nutrition Estimation: Estimates nutritional values from food images for customized meal planning.

Areas of Use

  • Medical Solutions: Delivers AI food detection for patients with specific dietary needs.
  • Self-Service Restaurants: Implements autonomous checkout devices to enhance customer experience.
  • Personalized Nutrition Planning: Provides individualized meal planning based on real-time food analysis.
  • Health Tracking: Offers simplified tracking of nutrition and health goals for individuals.
  • Elderly Care: Tailors food analysis and recommendations for the elderly and those with chronic health conditions.

What Makes it Special

LogMeal’s unique value lies in its application of advanced AI to deliver real-time, tailored food insights. Its adaptability across different domains makes it stand out in the market.


LogMeal is not only a practical tool for individuals keen on tracking their nutritional intake but also an efficient solution for self-service restaurants and healthcare providers. With its wide array of applications, seamless integration, and a team of seasoned experts, LogMeal is poised to transform the way we recognize and understand food. It’s a must-have for health-conscious users and forward-thinking businesses alike.

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