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A versatile AI-powered mapping tool that customizes your explorations and discoveries.

About Maps GPT

Maps GPT is the answer to personalized exploration and navigation, providing users with custom maps and pins tailored to their needs and interests. Driven by advanced AI technology, it redefines the way individuals discover and interact with the world around them.

Key Features

  • Quick Exploration: Utilizing cutting-edge AI, Maps GPT allows users to effortlessly discover the best places near them, be it restaurants, shopping, or entertainment.
  • Customized Maps: Simply enter your preferences, and the tool will generate a custom map with detailed pins, reflecting what you’re looking for.
  • Reliable Data Aggregation: It compiles data from various sources to ensure accuracy and dependability in results.
  • Easy Edits and Sharing: Users can add or edit points, share maps via different social media platforms, or through a link.
  • Integration with Proxi: Revisit previously created maps and access aggregated data, all powered by Proxi.

Areas of Use

  • Travelers: Helps in planning trips by locating interesting places and creating unique itineraries.
  • Event Planning: Assists organizers in finding suitable locations for gatherings or activities.
  • Local Exploration: Enables locals to discover hidden gems in their area.
  • Business and Sales: Useful for businesses to find potential markets or consumer hotspots.
  • Recreation: Makes finding spots for leisure activities like parks or date nights effortless.

What Makes It Special

Maps GPT is not just a mapping tool but a personalized guide to exploration, offering both fun and functionality. It stands out for its ability to blend user-friendly design with the power of AI to create and share customized maps.


Maps GPT is revolutionizing the way people explore and connect with their surroundings. Whether you are an avid traveler, event planner, local explorer, or business professional, Maps GPT offers an unmatched tool to create and share personalized maps for any occasion. Try it today, and experience the innovation that is changing the landscape of modern navigation and discovery.

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