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Monica, your AI-powered writing assistant, simplifies chatting and copywriting through a handy browser extension.

About Monica

Monica is a comprehensive AI writing assistant designed to make your online activities efficient and creative. Powered by advanced AI technologies, it offers a browser extension that seamlessly integrates with your daily tasks.

Key Features

  • ChatGPT API Integration: Chat with Monica about anything, utilizing the intelligent ChatGPT API.
  • 80+ Copywriting Templates: Choose from an array of templates to effortlessly create compelling content.
  • Text Translation, Explanation, and Rephrasing: Select any web text for Monica to translate, explain, or rephrase it.
  • Chrome Extension: Access Monica’s services anytime through the always-on Chrome extension.
  • Pricing Options: Enjoy Monica’s services for free or choose from various paid plans for advanced features.

Areas of Use

  • Content Creation: Enhance your copywriting with AI-powered assistance and templates.
  • Professional Productivity: Save time and work more efficiently with integrated chat support.
  • Language Learning: Translate and understand various languages with ease.
  • Customer Support: Provide customer support and assistance using the automated chat feature.
  • Online Shopping Assistance: Utilize Monica for help with online purchases and inquiries.

What makes it special

Monica stands out as an all-in-one writing assistant that integrates seamlessly into your browser, providing a plethora of functionalities. Its ability to combine chat support, translation, and copywriting in one tool makes it a valuable asset for professionals across various fields.


Monica’s AI-powered capabilities offer a robust solution for anyone seeking to enhance their writing and communication online. From content creators to language learners, Monica caters to a diverse audience, offering intuitive features and customization. Its integration with the Chrome browser makes it an always-available companion that simplifies and enriches the user’s online experience.

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