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A sophisticated plagiarism checker and AI detector designed for serious content publishers.

About Originality

Originality stands as an indispensable tool for publishers, educators, and professionals who prioritize content originality and integrity. Utilizing advanced AI technology, it takes content analysis beyond simple plagiarism detection.

Key Features

  • Advanced Plagiarism Detection: Identify plagiarized content with unparalleled precision, thanks to its advanced AI algorithms.
  • AI-Generated Text Detection: Unique in its ability to not just detect plagiarism but also determine if content was generated by other AI tools.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Receive detailed reports that highlight plagiarized content and AI-generated text, facilitating quick revisions.
  • Team Management: Control and monitor the content verification processes of your entire team with a centralized dashboard.
  • Browser Extension and API: Flexibility in usage, whether you want a quick check via a browser or to integrate it into your existing workflow.

Areas of Use

  • Content Publishers: Safeguard the originality of articles, blog posts, and other web content before publication.
  • Academic Institutions: Ideal for teachers and educational institutions to verify the authenticity of student submissions.
  • SEO Professionals: Ensure the uniqueness of the content to optimize search engine rankings.
  • Legal Firms: Confirm the originality of contracts, legal documents, and other confidential texts.
  • Editorial Teams: Streamline content quality checks for editors and writers in a newsroom setting.

What Makes It Special

Originality sets itself apart by offering AI-generated text detection in addition to plagiarism checking, a feature that few competitors possess. Its pricing model and high accuracy rate make it one of the most reliable and cost-effective options on the market.


Originality isn’t just another plagiarism checker; it’s a comprehensive tool designed for discerning professionals who need precise and thorough analysis of their content. Its wide array of features and applications makes it a tool of choice for various sectors. Invest in Originality to maintain the integrity and originality of your content.

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