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An AI-powered tool for evaluating and ranking programming skills of potential developers.

About Rankode

Rankode is an intelligent solution for recruiters and HR departments that automates the complex process of evaluating coding skills. Using cutting-edge AI algorithms, Rankode delivers quick, accurate, and comprehensive reports on candidates’ coding expertise.

Key Features

  • Automated Code Evaluation: Automatically scans and evaluates code submitted by candidates, reducing the manual workload.
  • Detailed Reports: Outputs a well-structured report that rates candidates’ skills, ethics, and proficiency.
  • Customizable Criteria: Allows customization of evaluation metrics to align with specific organizational needs.
  • Unbiased Assessment: Utilizes machine learning to provide fair and unbiased skill evaluation.
  • GitHub Integration: Offers seamless integration with GitHub repositories for quick assessments.
  • Data Compliance: Ensures complete compliance with data protection laws by not retaining any personal information.

Areas of Use

  • Recruitment: Streamlines the recruitment process by quickly identifying qualified developers.
  • Talent Development: Use it in-house to identify skill gaps and areas for growth among existing developers.
  • Vendor Evaluation: Assess the coding skills of potential third-party developers or vendors.
  • Education: Educational institutions can use it to evaluate the coding skills of students.
  • Competitions: Suitable for hackathons and coding competitions to objectively rank participants.

What Makes it Special

Rankode excels in its ability to automate a task traditionally reliant on human expertise. Its unbiased, AI-driven evaluations not only ensure fairness but also provide an extra layer of data-driven insights that human evaluators might overlook.


Rankode revolutionizes the coding skill assessment process with its powerful, quick, and unbiased evaluations. It can be tailored to suit a wide range of organizational needs, making it an invaluable asset for anyone responsible for hiring or evaluating developers. With its affordable subscription model, Rankode is an investment that is sure to pay off in the quality of hires and internal evaluations.

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