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Create and customize personalized 3D avatars for cross-game and metaverse experiences.

About Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me revolutionizes the way you express your virtual identity. By offering extensive customization options for 3D avatars, it creates a bridge between you and the expanding universe of the metaverse.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Customization: More than 300 customization options allow you to create an avatar that genuinely represents you.
  • NFT Integration: Import your favorite NFTs to enhance your avatar’s individuality.
  • Developer Tools: Unity and Unreal Engine SDKs facilitate quick and easy integration into apps and games.
  • Wide Compatibility: The platform supports over 7000 apps and games, ensuring your avatar remains consistent across various platforms.
  • AI-Generated Outfits: Automated outfit options generated through AI algorithms elevate your virtual fashion game.

Areas of Use

  • Gaming: Gamers can establish a unique virtual identity across different games and platforms.
  • Virtual Events: Attend virtual conferences and meetings with a tailored avatar, enhancing your professional and social interactions.
  • Personal Branding: Utilize your customized avatar for various social media platforms to build a cohesive personal brand.
  • App & Game Development: Integrate Ready Player Me into your development projects to offer personalized avatars to your users.
  • Metaverse Exploration: Use your unique avatar as your digital twin while exploring multiple metaverse worlds.

What Makes It Special

Ready Player Me stands out for its exceptional customization capabilities and its seamless compatibility across a myriad of platforms. Its feature-rich ecosystem also allows for rapid development integrations, setting it apart from competitors.


Whether you are a casual gamer, a metaverse explorer, or a developer, Ready Player Me offers an unparalleled experience for creating and customizing 3D avatars. Its extensive feature set, along with its ease of use, makes it an indispensable tool in the burgeoning metaverse. Step into the virtual world with an avatar that truly represents you, all thanks to Ready Player Me.

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