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Transform your workflow processes into step-by-step visual guides using AI-driven automation.

About Scribe

Scribe is an AI-powered tool designed to revolutionize how you document and share workflow processes. By recording your actions, Scribe auto-generates step-by-step guides complete with visual aids and textual instructions.

Key Features

  • Automated Guide Creation: Record your process, and Scribe will turn it into a detailed how-to guide.
  • Visual Aids: The tool captures screenshots at every step, offering a more intuitive understanding of the process.
  • Textual Annotations: Each visual aid is accompanied by a textual description to further clarify the steps.
  • Customization: Easily add edits, additional details, and branding to the generated guides.
  • Multi-platform Integration: Supports integration with popular web browsers and desktop platforms for added flexibility.

Areas of Use

  • New Employee Onboarding: Streamline the training process by providing new hires with detailed guides.
  • Customer Support: Empower your customer service team with accurate step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting.
  • Sales Training: Quickly update your sales team on new tools, features, or processes.
  • HR and Operations: Document internal procedures for leaves, reimbursements, and other operational tasks.
  • IT Management: Easily share instructional guides for common IT procedures and software installations.

What Makes It Special

Scribe excels in its ease-of-use and the speed at which it enables you to create detailed, shareable guides. Its AI-powered features make it stand out as a leading tool for automating documentation processes.


Scribe is not just another documentation tool; it’s your go-to platform for creating AI-powered, easy-to-understand, step-by-step guides for any process. Whether you are in HR, Sales, or Customer Service, Scribe adapts to your specific needs, offering an impressive level of detail and customization. With a freemium pricing model, it provides great flexibility, making it an ideal choice for teams of all sizes.

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