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Revolutionize customer feedback collection with voice-based AI surveys.

About Vocads Survey

Vocads Survey is an AI-driven platform designed to transform the way businesses collect customer feedback by using voice-based surveys. Offering a rich set of features that capture more honest and emotional responses, Vocads Survey adds a new dimension to data collection.

Key Features

  • Voice Conversations with AI: Utilize natural language processing to facilitate in-depth voice conversations with customers, making data collection more interactive and insightful.
  • Real-time Surveys: Send voice-based surveys instantly to achieve higher customer engagement and response rates.
  • Data Sovereignty and GDPR Compliance: Operate within a secure environment that adheres to GDPR guidelines, giving businesses full control over their data.
  • Emotional Insights: Beyond mere data collection, the tool captures the emotion and sentiment behind customer responses for a more comprehensive analysis.
  • User-Friendly Platform: A no-code solution that allows any team member to design and deploy surveys effortlessly.

Areas of Use

  • Customer Feedback: Deepen your understanding of customer preferences and behavior by obtaining detailed voice-based feedback.
  • Employee Surveys: Collect authentic feedback from employees to inform workplace improvements and HR policies.
  • Market Research: Use voice-based surveys for thorough market studies, gathering consumer opinions on products or trends.
  • Customer Experience Enhancement: Utilize the emotional insights gained to refine your customer experience strategies.
  • Real-time Adjustments: The real-time feature allows for prompt strategy adjustments based on immediate feedback.

What Makes It Special

Vocads Survey sets itself apart by not just capturing words but the sentiments and emotions behind them. It’s a powerful tool for any business that prioritizes authentic, emotion-rich customer insights.


Vocads Survey is more than just another survey tool; it’s an innovative platform that revolutionizes data collection by elevating the depth of customer feedback through voice-based conversations with AI. Its advanced features, including GDPR compliance and emotional insight capture, make it an invaluable asset for businesses aiming to deeply understand their customers and employees. In an ever-competitive market, Vocads Survey offers the next level of customer understanding, making it a must-have for businesses focused on customer-centric growth.

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