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Unlock the full potential of Excel and Google Sheets with Ajelix, an intuitive tool that automates and enhances your spreadsheet tasks.

About Ajelix

Ajelix revolutionizes the way you interact with spreadsheets, bringing artificial intelligence to Excel and Google Sheets. It simplifies complex tasks, provides a variety of tools for automation, and ensures a seamless experience for both seasoned and novice users.

Key Features:

  • Formula Generator & Explainer: Create complex formulas easily and get instant explanations, enhancing data analysis efficiency.
  • Spreadsheet Translation: Translate spreadsheets into different languages, facilitating international collaboration.
  • Template Generator: Produce ready-to-use templates for various spreadsheet needs, saving valuable time.
  • VBA Script Generator: Automate and customize spreadsheets with VBA scripts, enabling advanced customization.
  • Excel and Google Sheets Integration: Experience a seamless interface across platforms, with tools specific to each environment.

Areas of Use:

  • Data Analysis: Simplify the creation and understanding of complex formulas.
  • International Collaboration: Translate spreadsheets for cross-border team cooperation.
  • Process Automation: Use VBA scripts to automate repetitive tasks and enhance productivity.
  • Custom Template Creation: Design templates suited to various business needs.
  • Education and Training: Utilize Ajelix as an educational tool for understanding and mastering Excel and Google Sheets.

What makes it special:

Ajelix stands out from the competition by providing an intuitive interface for complex tasks, bridging the gap between advanced users and beginners. The seamless integration between Excel and Google Sheets ensures a versatile and productive experience.


Ajelix is a game-changer for anyone working with Excel and Google Sheets, regardless of their level of expertise. By automating, translating, and explaining complex tasks, it unlocks new potentials in efficiency and collaboration. From education to international business, Ajelix adapts to diverse needs, solidifying its position as an essential tool for modern spreadsheet management.

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