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Empowering businesses to optimize digital strategies in the Web 3.0 economy through AI and blockchain-powered financial analytics.

About Alphie

Alphie by Ojamu is a groundbreaking AI and blockchain-powered platform designed to revolutionize how businesses interact with the digital world. Tailored for the emerging Web 3.0 landscape, Alphie brings data-driven predictions and real-time analytics to help brands fine-tune their digital strategies.

Key Features:

  • Real-time Analytics: Track customer behavior and gather actionable insights in real time.
  • AI-Backed Reports: Utilize machine-learning algorithms for in-depth reports to inform your digital strategies.
  • B2C Alpha Finder: An advanced chatbot to identify top influencers in your domain across Web2 and Web3 platforms.
  • Web3 Revenue Stream Predictions: Leverage real-time data to discover optimal points for product placements.
  • Spam Bot Detection: Protect your community and brand reputation by identifying and mitigating spam bots.

Areas of Use:

  • Financial Planning: Utilize Alphie for accurate predictions in investment and financial management.
  • Digital Marketing: Optimize ad placements and audience targeting based on comprehensive analytics.
  • Competitive Analysis: Stay ahead of the game by comparing your metrics and strategies against those of competitors.
  • Influencer Partnerships: Identify and collaborate with influential voices that resonate with your brand’s audience.
  • Cryptocurrency Investments: Get data-driven insights and predictions on cryptocurrency trends to inform your investment choices.

What Makes It Special:

Alphie uniquely marries AI analytics with blockchain technology to offer comprehensive solutions specifically designed for the Web 3.0 economy. Its dynamic adaptability to emerging trends and real-time analytics sets it apart from other platforms in the market.


Alphie by Ojamu is not just another analytics tool; it’s a comprehensive solution for any business aiming to make a mark in the rapidly evolving Web 3.0 world. From real-time analytics to AI-powered insights and blockchain-specific features, Alphie is a one-stop platform for optimizing digital strategies. Don’t just follow the trends, set them with Alphie.

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