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AutoQuery GPT allows users to automatically ask questions to ChatGPT and receive answers, streamlining the retrieval of information.

About AutoQuery GPT

AutoQuery GPT is an innovative and efficient tool designed to enable users to ask questions to ChatGPT and receive automated responses instantly. With features that allow the management of large amounts of data, it serves as a powerful addition to the Spreadsheets category, streamlining various tasks while ensuring confidentiality.

Key Features:

  • Query Block: Enables users to create blocks of questions and send them to ChatGPT simultaneously, saving time.
  • Query Excel: Allows users to upload Excel files or tables, facilitating access to large data sets.
  • Multiple File Format Support: Save answers in various formats like Excel, Word, Txt, and Json for flexible usage.
  • Confidential System: Guarantees the security of all queries, ensuring they are never stored or shared.
  • Customization: Offers customization options for tailoring the service to specific needs, enhancing adaptability.

Areas of Use:

  • Data Retrieval: Quickly retrieve information from ChatGPT, aiding in research and analysis.
  • Customer Support Automation: Automate customer support interactions through ChatGPT, enhancing efficiency.
  • Report Generation: Automate the creation of reports using ChatGPT, streamlining administrative tasks.
  • Productivity Enhancement: Boost productivity by managing operations more effectively through automated responses.
  • Educational Purposes: Utilize in educational settings for quick access to information and interactive learning experiences.

What makes it special:

AutoQuery GPT sets itself apart by providing a highly user-friendly interface combined with powerful features that allow for bulk querying and detailed insights. Its commitment to confidentiality and open-source availability underscores its uniqueness.


AutoQuery GPT is more than just a query tool; it’s a solution designed to optimize time and improve efficiency in various areas, from business to education. With its robust features and secure framework, it offers a new way to interact with ChatGPT and manage large-scale data. Embracing AutoQuery GPT can lead to a transformative experience in managing spreadsheets, queries, and more, aligning with both individual and organizational needs.

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