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Bilfrost revolutionizes the workflow between designers and developers by automating the conversion of Figma designs into clean React code.

About Bilfrost

Bilfrost is a cutting-edge AI-powered tool that serves as a bridge between designers and developers. It streamlines the conversion of Figma designs into clean React code, enabling collaboration and efficiency without the manual handoffs.

Key Features:

  • Automated Code Generation: Utilizes AI technology to transform Figma designs into clean and ready-to-use React code, saving countless engineering hours.
  • Seamless Design Updates: Automates the design update process, allowing quick shipments without additional coding effort.
  • Component, Styles, and Documentation Generation: Creates components, styles, and documents with precision, ensuring consistency across the design system.
  • One-Click Conversion: Offers a one-click solution to convert designs into code, directly usable in Visual Studio Code.
  • Pixel-Perfect Results: Guarantees pixel-perfect conversion, empowering designers to create screens without coding experience.

Areas of Use:

  • Design Collaboration: Enables designers to create and update screens effortlessly, fostering collaboration with engineers.
  • Rapid Prototyping: Facilitates quick conversion of prototypes into functioning code, accelerating product development cycles.
  • Streamlined Workflow Management: Automates repetitive tasks, allowing teams to focus on innovation and business growth.
  • Educational Platforms: Serves as an essential tool for learning institutions to teach effective design-to-code practices.
  • Startup Development: A must-have tool for startups aiming for a swift and economical product development process.

What makes it special:

Bilfrost stands out for its integration of AI in the design-to-code conversion, making it a unique solution that combines efficiency, accuracy, and creativity. Its alignment with user preferences for structuring code adds a tailored touch to its functionality.


Bilfrost embodies the next generation of design and development collaboration. By marrying AI-driven automation with human creativity, it offers an unparalleled solution for modern product development. Whether you’re a designer seeking to reduce manual code creation or an engineer looking to save time, Bilfrost’s seamless integration and cutting-edge features offer a path to innovation and growth.

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