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BlockSurvey provides an ultimate digital rights solution for businesses and individuals to create surveys with innovative encryption and AI-driven forms.

About BlockSurvey

BlockSurvey is a groundbreaking platform that empowers users to create secure and personalized surveys, questionnaires, and polls. Leveraging advanced encryption technology and AI-driven forms, it allows businesses and individuals to take control of their data and ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Key Features:

AI-Driven Form Creation: Utilizes OpenAI GPT-3 to generate quality survey questions tailored to specific topics, saving time and removing bias.
End-to-End Encryption: Protects all data using BlockStack’s blockchain technology, preventing breaches, leaks, or harvesting.
Secure Surveys and Polls: Facilitates the creation of encrypted surveys and polls, enhancing data protection.
White Label Surveys: Offers customized survey solutions for businesses with features like confidential surveys, ranking questions, and more.
Privacy Tools: Additional tools such as email bounce checker and secure QR code generator, ensuring user data security.
No Programming Skills Required: Simple and intuitive design, making it accessible for users without any coding experience.

Areas of Use:

Human Resources: Conduct employee satisfaction surveys, ensuring confidentiality and unbiased results.
Marketing and Research: Gather valuable feedback for products or services with secure data collection.
Healthcare: Utilize in patient experience surveys and other medical data collection without compromising privacy.
Education: Facilitate academic research and gather insights from students and educators.
Activism and Community Engagement: Create secure surveys for campaign feedback and community opinions.
Customer Support: Understand customer needs and preferences through tailored surveys.

What makes it special:

BlockSurvey stands apart as a tool that emphasizes user data ownership and security. Its unique blend of AI-driven content creation with robust encryption techniques provides a platform that respects privacy while facilitating comprehensive data gathering.


With its innovative approach to survey creation, BlockSurvey is redefining the way businesses and individuals collect and utilize data. Its focus on encryption and privacy, coupled with the efficiency of AI-driven forms, makes it an essential tool in diverse fields. BlockSurvey’s dedication to user rights and data integrity positions it as a leader in the industry and a must-have tool for any data-driven process.

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