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An end-to-end automation testing tool that leverages AI to streamline user session testing, ensuring quality and efficiency.

About Checksum

Checksum is a comprehensive end-to-end (E2E) automation testing tool that revolutionizes the process of user session testing. By employing advanced algorithms and machine learning, it transforms the manual testing experience, allowing developers to focus on shipping quality products in a timely manner.

Key Features:

  • Automate User Session Testing: Checksum fully automates the testing process, removing the need for manual involvement, saving time, and reducing errors.
  • Generate and Maintain E2E Tests: It creates and sustains E2E tests that accurately depict various user scenarios, ensuring comprehensive testing coverage.
  • Real-time Application Monitoring: With real-time tracking, developers can monitor their applications’ performance and quickly identify potential issues.
  • Easy Integration Process: Integration is made effortless with Checksum, requiring only a few code lines to connect with the existing environment.
  • Privacy-Centric Data Collection: It collects relevant data while maintaining user privacy through hashed inner texts and configurable privacy controls for sensitive elements.

Areas of Use:

  • Web Application Testing: Ensures complete testing of web apps, uncovering issues and bugs promptly.
  • Software Deployments: Facilitates efficient and confident software deployments, minimizing post-launch firefighting.
  • Code Reviews: Aids in speeding up code reviews by detecting issues immediately.
  • Compatibility Testing: Works seamlessly with open-source frameworks like Cypress and Playwright.
  • Performance Monitoring: Constantly tracks the application’s performance, providing insights into optimization needs.

What makes it special:

Checksum’s unique value for professionals lies in its ability to seamlessly convert user sessions into a robust testing automation pipeline, coupled with its non-existent impact on performance. Its integration of AI with real user behavior sets it apart from the competition.


Checksum is the perfect solution for development teams aiming to improve their testing process, reduce costs, and ensure top-quality applications. Its innovative features and user-centric approach make it a premier choice for developers and QA professionals alike. By embracing Checksum, teams can create, monitor, and maintain tests effortlessly, ensuring a fast, high-quality product delivery.

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