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A revolutionary operational AI platform that simplifies predictive model building on modern data stacks.

About Continual

Continual is an extraordinary AI platform that streamlines the complex process of building and maintaining predictive models. Whether you are an enthusiast or a professional, Continual offers a modern, user-friendly interface that’s designed to cater to your needs, saving both time and resources.

Key Features

  • Compatibility: Integrates seamlessly with popular cloud data platforms like BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift, and Databricks, enabling a wider reach.
  • Simplified Process: Eliminates the need for complex engineering or MLOPS platforms, enabling the construction of models using SQL or dbt declarations.
  • Shared Features: Enhances collaboration by allowing feature sharing across teams, accelerating model development.
  • Continual Improvement: Ensures that the models are continually refined, providing accurate and up-to-date predictions.
  • Direct Storage: Facilitates easy access to data and models stored directly on the warehouse, integrating with operational and BI tools.

Areas of Use

  • Customer Retention: Predict customer churn to craft effective retention strategies.
  • Supply Chain Management: Forecast inventory demand for an efficient and responsive supply chain.
  • Marketing Optimization: Estimate customer lifetime value to make informed marketing decisions.
  • Data Analysis: Gain real-time insights into data trends to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Team Collaboration: Promote a more cohesive and productive team environment through shared features.

What Makes It Special

The user-centric design of Continual allows even those without complex engineering skills to develop powerful models. Its continuous improvement feature ensures that the predictions are always relevant, giving it a significant edge over competitors.


Continual offers an innovative and practical solution for modern data teams, cutting through the complexities of predictive model building. Its robust features, ease of use, and constant improvement make it an essential tool for anyone looking to leverage data for smarter decisions. Try Continual today, and experience the future of predictive model building.

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