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ConvoStack offers a free and open-source full-stack framework for embedding a customizable AI ChatBot widget into websites.

About ConvoStack

ConvoStack is an innovative open-source full-stack framework designed to transform customer support on websites by effortlessly embedding a customizable AI ChatBot widget. This powerful tool not only enhances the user’s interaction but provides developers with a streamlined and efficient way to integrate cutting-edge technology into their platforms.

Key Features:

  • Embeddable AI ChatBot Widget: Seamlessly integrate a customizable ChatBot widget into any website.
  • Plain English Support Conversations: Utilizes the LangChain framework for plain English conversations, making interaction intuitive for users.
  • TypeScript Support: Built with TypeScript for full-stack type-safety, providing a secure and efficient development process.
  • Integrates with Popular Frameworks: Compatible with Express, React, Redis, and GraphQL, allowing for smooth integration and expanded functionality.
  • Community Support: An active community for collaboration and support through Discord, GitHub, and other platforms.

Areas of Use:

  • Customer Support: Enhance online customer support through responsive and intelligent AI chatbot interactions.
  • Conversational Interfaces: Create conversational interfaces for applications, platforms, or eCommerce sites.
  • Developer Productivity: Boost development efficiency with seamless integration and comprehensive community support.
  • Customization: Offers extensive customization capabilities to match the branding and functionality needs of diverse websites.
  • Real-time Analytics: Monitor and analyze customer interaction and trends to make data-driven decisions.

What makes it special:

ConvoStack stands out for its seamless integration capabilities, open-source community-driven approach, and its robust functionality that empowers both developers and end-users. Its free availability coupled with extensive customization makes it a go-to solution for developers looking to enhance website interactivity.


ConvoStack is an exceptional tool that brings the power of AI into the hands of developers, enabling them to create conversational interfaces with ease. Its robust features, community support, and seamless integrations make it a valuable asset for any website. Embrace ConvoStack today to revolutionize customer interactions and elevate the user experience to new heights.

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