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DeepMotion is an AI-powered tool that offers real-time body tracking and motion capture, transforming videos into 3D animations.

About DeepMotion

DeepMotion is revolutionizing the way animations are created with its powerful 3D animation tools. Harnessing real-time body tracking technology, it allows anyone to transform videos into stunning and realistic animations for a multitude of applications.

Key Features:

  • Animate 3D: Generate 3D avatar movements from real-world video footage for engaging animations.
  • Real-Time Body Tracking: Capture and reconstruct 3D full-body motion in real-time for unparalleled animation accuracy.
  • Virtual Reality Tracking: Provide immersive full-body avatars using minimal trackers for an authentic VR experience.
  • Motion Brain: Transforms digital beings from animated to alive, enhancing the realism of characters.
  • Industry Partnerships: Collaborations with Samsung, Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Intel for optimized performance and user experience.

Areas of Use:

  • 3D Animation: Create captivating animations from videos for films, games, marketing content, and more.
  • Virtual Reality: Develop full-body avatars for immersive VR experiences.
  • Digital Character Creation: Transform digital characters from animated to alive, bringing realism to gaming and media.
  • Education: A valuable tool for teaching and learning animation techniques and principles.
  • Entertainment Industry: Widely used in the entertainment sector for creating movie scenes, advertisements, and virtual experiences.

What Makes It Special:

DeepMotion’s AI-driven motion capture and real-time body tracking make it an industry-leading solution for creating digital characters. The combination of intuitive controls and markerless motion capture sets it apart from competitors, providing an unparalleled creative experience.


DeepMotion is more than just a 3D animation tool; it’s a gateway to endless creative possibilities. With its innovative features and ease of use, it allows professionals and enthusiasts to bring their visions to life effortlessly. Whether it’s for gaming, virtual reality, or film, DeepMotion stands as an invaluable asset for creators around the globe, promising a future where animation is accessible and inspiring for all.

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