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Movmi is a cutting-edge AI-powered tool enabling 3D animators to create human motion capture without the need for specialized hardware.

About Movmi

Movmi is revolutionizing the animation industry with its powerful, cloud-based motion capture tool. Designed to be accessible to everyone from professionals to hobbyists, it offers an innovative way to create 3D animations without the need for expensive equipment or suits.

Key Features

  • No suit or hardware required: Utilizes 2D media data to capture human motion, allowing for greater freedom and creativity.
  • Cloud-based processing: Eliminates the need for high-end devices, enabling animation on the go.
  • Multiple human and armature support: Flexibility to work with various scenes and rig types, including multi-human scenarios.
  • Movmi Store: Offers a library of full-textured characters and animations free of charge.
  • Flexible memberships: Tailor the features according to individual needs and budget, from free options to more advanced subscriptions.

Areas of Use

  • 3D Animation Creation: Provides tools to create high-quality 3D animations for movies, games, and other media.
  • Professional Collaboration: Facilitates collaboration between animators, motion developers, and content creators.
  • Education: Serves as an educational tool for students learning animation and 3D modeling.
  • Commercial Advertising: Enables businesses to produce eye-catching 3D animated ads.
  • Indie Game Development: Supports independent game developers in creating realistic character motions.

What makes it special

Movmi’s unique value lies in its ability to democratize the animation process, removing traditional barriers such as cost and hardware constraints. Its intuitive design and wide array of features make it a must-have tool for any 3D animator.


Movmi represents a significant leap forward in the world of 3D animation, providing users with a versatile and affordable solution for human motion capture. Its cloud-based architecture, compatibility with various devices, and a rich set of features make it a valuable addition to any animator’s toolkit. From professionals seeking to streamline their workflow to enthusiasts looking to explore their creativity, Movmi has something to offer for everyone.

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