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Eightify is an AI-powered summarizer that provides key insights from YouTube videos, transforming viewing into an efficient and insightful experience.

About Eightify

Eightify represents a significant advancement in the summarization of video content, particularly on platforms like YouTube. With the ability to condense lengthy videos into easily digestible insights, it acts as a time-saving tool that doesn’t sacrifice depth or understanding.

Key Features

  • AI Summarization: Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, Eightify condenses videos into key insights in an average time of 7.4 seconds.
  • 8 Key Ideas Extraction: By summarizing content into 8 essential ideas, it allows for quick assessment and understanding of the video’s content.
  • Browser Extension: Available as a browser extension, it offers seamless integration with web browsers for easy access and usage.
  • Time-Saving: Designed to provide quick insights into videos, aiding in decision-making about whether the content is worth watching.
  • Multi-Lingual Support: Overcomes language barriers, offering summarized content in multiple languages, aiding in decision-making and content consumption.

Areas of Use

  • Education Assistance: Great for students and researchers who require summarized content from lectures and presentations.
  • Professional Development: Business professionals can stay abreast of industry trends without spending extensive time on full-length videos.
  • Content Creation: Content creators and podcasters can quickly find relevant topics and insights for their production needs.
  • Personalized Consumption: Individual users can clear their “watch later” backlog by quickly assessing video content.
  • Social Media Analysis: Useful for analyzing social media content like Elon Musk’s Twitter for quick insights and decision-making.

What Makes It Special

Eightify stands out as a versatile and efficient summarizer that enhances video consumption across various platforms. Its ability to provide concise yet detailed insights makes it an invaluable tool for both professionals and casual viewers alike.


Eightify is more than a summarizing tool; it’s an intelligent assistant that brings clarity and efficiency to video consumption. Whether for educational purposes, professional development, or personal enjoyment, Eightify’s innovative features and intuitive design make it a must-have for anyone looking to maximize their time without compromising on quality. Try Eightify today and transform the way you consume and evaluate video content.

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