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Fathom 2.0

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Fathom 2.0 is an AI-driven assistant that automates note-taking and summarization during meetings.

About Fathom 2.0

Fathom 2.0 transforms the way professionals handle meetings by offering a powerful AI meeting assistant that takes care of note-taking and summarizing. Designed with Zoom integration, this tool is perfect for business, productivity, and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Automated Transcription and Highlighting: Fathom 2.0 automatically transcribes and emphasizes key conversation points, saving manual effort.
  • CRM Syncing: Automatically generates call notes and syncs them with your CRM system like Salesforce for efficient follow-up.
  • Sharing Highlights: Enhance team collaboration by sharing conversation highlights via Slack.
  • Multilingual Support: Offers seven language options, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Portuguese.
  • Privacy and Security: Ensures 100% privacy with end-to-end encryption, robust monitoring, and regular 3rd party penetration testing.

Areas of Use:

  • Corporate Meetings: Enables businesses to concentrate on the meeting content while Fathom 2.0 takes care of the note-taking.
  • Educational Sessions: Facilitates lecturers and students in recording and summarizing important classroom interactions.
  • Customer Support: Helps in tracking and summarizing customer interaction during support calls.
  • International Collaboration: With multilingual support, it assists in seamless communication across different regions.
  • Personal Use: Frees up individuals from the burden of manual note-taking during any virtual interactions.

What Makes It Special:

Fathom 2.0 is the embodiment of efficiency and ease for professionals who seek accuracy in their meeting notes. Its seamless integration with popular tools such as Zoom and Slack sets it apart from the competition.


Fathom 2.0 stands as a testament to the power of AI in enhancing productivity and collaboration. By taking over the mundane task of note-taking and summarization, it allows users to focus on what truly matters during meetings. With robust features and secure, intuitive design, Fathom 2.0 is not just a tool but a revolutionary step in professional communication.

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