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Transform your videos into multilingual masterpieces with ease using Vidby's AI-driven translation and dubbing services.

About Vidby

Vidby is an AI-powered platform designed to make the translation and dubbing of your video content as seamless as possible. Its cutting-edge technology offers an intuitive user interface and a suite of features to meet your every need.

Key Features

  • Multi-Language Support: Vidby can translate, dub, and subtitle your videos in over 70 different languages, broadening your global reach.
  • Quality Tiers: Choose from four quality options to suit your project’s requirements, including full automatic and human-augmented translation and voiceover.
  • Audio Customization: Vidby provides five audio track options, allowing you to tailor the audio to fit the tone and mood of your content.
  • Team Collaboration: Work on projects collaboratively with your team through Vidby’s intuitive interface.
  • Advanced Customization: Gain control over translation quality, speed, pronunciation, and more with specialized functions.

Areas of Use

  • Global Marketing: Translate and dub promotional videos to reach a global audience and increase engagement.
  • Educational Content: Provide subtitles in multiple languages to make your educational videos accessible to non-native speakers.
  • Entertainment: Localize film and TV content to penetrate international markets.
  • Corporate Training: Translate and dub internal training videos to ensure unified company-wide understanding.
  • News Agencies: Quickly translate breaking news into multiple languages for global reach.

What Makes It Special

Vidby offers an unparalleled level of customization across multiple features, from translation quality to audio tracks, setting it apart from competitors. Its advanced AI algorithms promise up to 100% accuracy, ensuring high-quality results every time.


Whether you are a marketing professional looking to globalize your campaigns or an educator aiming to make content accessible to a wider audience, Vidby is your one-stop solution. With its powerful AI-driven features and high levels of customization, Vidby takes the complexity out of video translation and dubbing. Experience the future of multilingual video content creation with Vidby.

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