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A free Chrome extension that leverages AI-powered ChatGPT technology to swiftly and efficiently summarize web articles.

About Gimme Summary AI

Gimme Summary AI is an ingenious browser extension designed to empower individuals seeking concise and precise summaries of web articles. Utilizing cutting-edge ChatGPT technology, it transforms cumbersome texts into understandable overviews, all at no cost.

Key Features

  • Automated Summarization: Leverages AI-powered ChatGPT technology to produce succinct summaries without human intervention.
  • Browser Compatibility: Works seamlessly on all Chromium-based browsers, including Chrome, Brave, and Edge.
  • Privacy-Friendly: Ensures user privacy by not collecting personal data and maintaining secure interactions with the AI model.
  • Open Source: The source code is accessible on GitHub, inviting feedback, inquiries, and bug reporting.
  • Accessibility: Easy to install and use, requiring no complex setup or additional configurations.

Areas of Use

  • Research: Ideal for students and researchers in need of quick summaries for information extraction.
  • Professional Work: Suitable for professionals aiming to save time on reading extensive articles.
  • Content Creation: Content creators can draw key insights for inspiration or reference.
  • Education: A valuable tool for educators to present summarized content to students for easier comprehension.
  • Personal Use: Casual readers can employ it to swiftly grasp the essence of news articles or any online content.

What Makes it Special

The main value of Gimme Summary AI lies in its ability to democratize information consumption, making it accessible and time-efficient. Its unique blend of technology and user-centric design makes it a standout choice among other summarization tools.


Gimme Summary AI is not just a tool but a companion to those aiming to enhance their reading efficiency. With its exceptional features and broad applicability, it caters to various users ranging from students to professionals. Its commitment to privacy and community collaboration adds an extra layer of reliability, making it a must-have extension for anyone looking to swiftly understand and leverage web content.

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