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A revolutionary link management platform streamlining information access for teams.

About GoLinks

GoLinks offers an innovative solution to information access by providing teams with a robust link management platform that simplifies information retrieval. By creating memorable and secure short links called go/links, it enhances productivity and enables seamless collaboration.

Key Features

  • Memorable and Secure Short Links: Enables creation of easily recallable and secure go/links, ensuring quick access to shared information.
  • Improved Productivity: Reduces the steps required to find essential data, thereby boosting team efficiency.
  • Customizable Short Links: Personalize go/links with keywords to enhance recall and facilitate information retrieval.
  • Dashboard for Link Access Management: Comprehensive dashboard to manage and monitor link access within the team.
  • AI-Powered Search Recommendations: Utilizes GPTAI-powered search recommendations to expedite information retrieval.
  • Integrations with Workplace Apps: Facilitates seamless integration with existing workplace apps, optimizing workflows.

Areas of Use

  • Streamlined Information Access: Aids teams in rapidly accessing shared information using go/links.
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration: Simplifies information sharing, fostering collaboration and productivity within teams.
  • Efficient Workflow Integration: Integrates effortlessly with existing workplace apps, optimizing workflows and collaboration.
  • Insights and Analytics: Offers valuable insights into team activity and link usage through workspace analytics.
  • Customizable Security Features: Ensures secure link sharing through enterprise-ready security features like single sign-on and GDPR compliance.

What makes it special

GoLinks stands out with its user-friendly design and AI-powered functionalities that simplify information access like never before. It offers a single source of truth for all necessary resources, allowing for effortless customization and integration.


GoLinks revolutionizes the way teams manage and share links, optimizing productivity and collaboration. Its innovative features and easy integration make it a valuable asset for professionals across industries. Equip your team with GoLinks, and transform the way you access and manage information.

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