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GPT95 is a retro-themed VSCode extension that leverages AI to enhance coding through code generation, debugging, optimization, and auto documentation.

About GPT95

GPT95 is a VSCode extension designed for developers looking to augment their coding experience with AI capabilities. Featuring a powerful ChatGPT AI engine and an eye-catching retro-inspired interface, GPT95 streamlines code creation, debugging, optimization, and documentation. Here’s a detailed look into what makes GPT95 an indispensable tool for developers.

Key Features:

  • Code Generation: Utilizes AI to quickly and accurately generate code from user prompts.
  • Debugging and Refactoring: Employs AI-powered diagnostics to identify and fix bugs and refactor code.
  • Automatic Documentation: Simplifies the creation of comprehensive documentation with the click of a button.
  • Natural Language Explanations: Helps in understanding complex functions by providing detailed explanations in natural language.
  • Flexible Pricing: Offers two pricing plans (monthly or yearly) and options for students and developers, including a 3-day free trial.

Areas of Use:

  • Software Development: Enables developers to create and optimize code with ease and efficiency.
  • Education: Assists students in understanding complex code and facilitates learning.
  • Team Collaboration: Enhances collaboration by ensuring code readability and quality.
  • Performance Optimization: Provides insights to identify and improve performance bottlenecks.
  • Security and Privacy: Ensures that user code remains private and secure without sharing or using it to train AI models.

What Makes It Special:

GPT95 stands out with its AI-driven capabilities that not only enhance coding productivity but also ensure quality and readability. Its retro-themed user interface adds a unique aesthetic touch.


GPT95 is a remarkable tool that brings the power of AI into the coding environment. Its diverse features are tailored to meet the needs of developers, students, and teams, providing an intelligent way to generate, understand, and optimize code. With flexible pricing and a user-friendly design, GPT95 offers a next-level coding experience that resonates with professionals across various domains.

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