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Kinestex offers AI-powered personalized fitness and physiotherapy workouts with real-time feedback and comprehensive tracking.

About Kinestex

Kinestex is a state-of-the-art mobile app that merges technology and wellness, providing a tailor-made fitness experience that accommodates individual needs and goals. Designed for both fitness enthusiasts and physiotherapy patients, it offers an extensive range of functionalities:

Key Features:

  • Personalized Workouts: Customized workout plans for various body parts and physiorehabilitation purposes, adjusting to the user’s skill level.
  • Real-Time Feedback: An AI-powered coach that provides instant feedback on form and execution, enhancing performance.
  • Health Instructor Monitoring: Allows health instructors to oversee clients’ activities, and assign personalized workouts for optimum results.
  • Gesture Control: Facilitates intuitive control of the app through user-friendly gestures.
  • KindaCoin Rewards: Encourages user engagement through an in-app currency exchangeable for sponsored products.

Areas of Use:

  • Individual Fitness Training: Ideal for users seeking personalized fitness guidance and motivation.
  • Physiorehabilitation: A perfect solution for those undergoing physiotherapy and require specialized exercises.
  • Professional Health Instructors: Enables trainers to remotely monitor clients’ activity and progress.
  • Motivation and Reward System: Serves as a tool for users needing rewards to maintain activity levels and fitness momentum.
  • Education on Healthy Living: Provides access to a health blog, enriching users’ understanding of a wholesome lifestyle.

What makes it special:

What sets Kinestex apart is its adaptability to individual needs and the integration of AI in enhancing fitness routines. Its real-time feedback and personalization make it a comprehensive solution for both fitness and physiotherapy.


Kinestex is not just a fitness app but a complete wellness companion. With its personalized workouts, real-time AI-coach feedback, and health instructor monitoring, it offers an unprecedented level of guidance and support. Whether for individual fitness goals, physiotherapy, or professional monitoring, Kinestex is the embodiment of modern-day health and fitness technology. It’s time to embrace a healthier lifestyle with Kinestex at your side.

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