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KreadoAI empowers users to create high-quality, multilingual oral videos featuring real or virtual characters with ease.

About KreadoAI

KreadoAI is a state-of-the-art video creation platform that leverages artificial intelligence to revolutionize content creation. Aimed at marketers, content creators, and various businesses, it simplifies the process of producing multilingual videos, enabling users to connect with a diverse audience.

Key Features:

  • Multilingual AI: Create videos in 140 different languages, catering to a global audience.
  • Real-life models/virtual characters: Customize videos using real-life models or virtual characters to bring content to life.
  • Converged Oral Broadcasting: Offer custom AI-generated avatars and multilingual oral video creation to enrich content.
  • Keyword-based image generation: Utilize descriptive keywords to generate the avatar image that fits the user’s vision.
  • AI marketing copywriting: Enhance advertising campaigns with AI-generated copy tailored to local marketing characteristics.

Areas of Use:

  • Marketing Campaigns: Produce digital human videos for targeted marketing strategies.
  • Content Creation: Provide AI-powered video creation tools to creators for various content needs.
  • E-commerce: Generate custom avatars and videos for product promotions in sectors such as clothing, beauty makeup, and glasses.
  • Education: Develop multilingual educational videos for global outreach.
  • Business Communication: Create professional videos in multiple languages to facilitate international business communication.

What Makes it Special:

KreadoAI stands apart for its cutting-edge AI-driven features that allow seamless multilingual video creation. The ability to create real and virtual characters adds a unique dimension, making it a valuable asset for varied industry needs.


KreadoAI is an indispensable tool for modern content creators, marketers, and businesses seeking to create captivating videos that resonate with a global audience. Its innovative features, ease of use, and multilingual capabilities make it a pioneering solution in video creation. By offering a free trial, KreadoAI invites users to explore its potential and revolutionize their video content strategy.

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