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An intuitive no-code AI builder for creating powerful conversational experiences.

About Landbot AI

Landbot AI is an innovative and user-friendly platform that enables anyone, regardless of coding expertise, to create dynamic conversational experiences. It offers no-code building solutions to craft customized chat flows that can be used in various business scenarios.

Key Features

  • No-Code Interface: Provides a simple drag-and-drop functionality to build interactive conversations without any coding skills required.
  • AI-Driven Technology: Utilizes AI to enable quick creation and personalization of conversational experiences, adapting to user input.
  • Integration with Third-Party Services: Supports connections with platforms like Facebook Messenger and Slack to extend reach.
  • Personalized Experiences: Offers customization options to tailor the conversational experiences to the individual needs of customers.
  • Automated Workflows: Enables the automation of various processes such as customer support, lead qualification, and product demos.

Areas of Use

  • Customer Support: Enhances support by providing instant responses to customer queries through automated chat flows.
  • Sales Assistance: Guides customers through the sales process, offering personalized support and information.
  • Lead Generation: Engages and qualifies leads through interactive dialogues.
  • Feedback Collection: Collects valuable customer insights and feedback to help in refining products and services.
  • E-Commerce: Implements chatbot solutions for e-commerce platforms to facilitate shopping experiences.

What makes it special

The intuitive design of Landbot AI, coupled with its AI-driven capabilities, sets it apart from the competition, providing a seamless solution for engaging customer interactions. Its adaptability across various use cases adds to its unique value for professionals.


Landbot AI offers a transformative approach to customer engagement through its state-of-the-art conversational experience design. With its no-code interface and versatile applications, it presents an essential tool for businesses of all sizes aiming to elevate their customer interactions. Explore the potential of Landbot AI and leverage the power of conversational AI to redefine your customer engagement strategies.

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