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Lindy is an AI-powered assistant that revolutionizes email and task management for efficiency and productivity.

About Lindy

An engaging AI-driven assistant, Lindy has been designed to simplify personal and professional tasks, making managing daily activities seamless and more efficient.

Key Features

  • Calendar Management: Streamline scheduling by finding common availabilities without back-and-forth communication.
  • Email Drafting: Create pre-drafted personalized email replies to accelerate communication and streamline email management.
  • Email Triage: Prioritize and handle emails efficiently with machine learning-based algorithms for effective organization.
  • Meeting Participation: Enhance productivity in meetings with note-taking assistance and active engagement.
  • Integration Capabilities: Enjoy seamless integration with popular tools for workflow management, offering vast customization and accessibility.

Areas of Use

  • Sales: Automate routine tasks to optimize time in managing leads and closing deals.
  • Recruiting: Streamline communication and scheduling with candidates and teams.
  • Marketing: Organize campaigns and manage outreach efficiently with automated email assistance.
  • Content Summarization: Quickly summarize podcasts, YouTube videos, and web articles for swift information extraction.
  • Personal Productivity: Manage personal emails, calendar, and daily tasks to free up time for higher value activities.

What makes it special

Lindy stands out by offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored for both personal and professional use. Its versatility and seamless integration with popular tools make it a powerful assistant that caters to various scenarios.


Lindy is more than just an email assistant; it’s a comprehensive tool designed to put your professional and personal life on autopilot. With innovative features and customizable settings, it offers a personalized experience that adapts to individual needs. Embrace the future of productivity and efficiency with Lindy, the advanced AI assistant that goes beyond expectations.

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