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Mathly, the AI-powered tool that makes math homework simpler and efficient through photo-based problem-solving and personalized explanations.

About Mathly

Introducing Mathly, an innovative tool that is set to redefine how students approach math homework. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Mathly allows students to snap photos of math problems and receive instant solutions and easy-to-follow explanations.

Key Features:

  • Photo-based Problem Solving: Mathly enables users to take a photograph of a math problem, and it instantly provides the solution and a step-by-step explanation.
  • Personalized Explanations: Tailoring explanations to the individual’s learning style, Mathly ensures better comprehension and retention.
  • Question Answering: For any additional questions about a problem, Mathly provides instant answers, enhancing understanding.
  • Similar Problem Generation: Mathly can create similar problems for practice, complete with solutions and explanations.
  • Availability: Always accessible online, Mathly is there to help anytime a student is struggling with math homework.

Areas of Use:

  • Homework Assistance: A go-to tool for students needing help with math homework.
  • Personalized Learning: Adapts to individual learning styles, providing unique explanations.
  • Practice and Mastery: Generates practice problems to enhance mastery of concepts.
  • Teacher Support: A supplementary tool for teachers aiming to provide extra support to students.
  • Self-paced Learning: Allows students to work at their own pace, ensuring complete understanding of each concept.

What makes it special:

Mathly stands apart for its user-friendly interface and personalized learning experience. By enabling photo-based problem-solving and offering customized explanations, it transforms the way students approach math, making it more engaging and attainable.


Mathly is more than just a homework helper; it’s a complete learning companion for anyone striving to understand math better. With features designed to support various learning styles and instant accessibility, Mathly offers an unparalleled learning experience. It’s a leap forward in education, helping students master math more effectively and efficiently.

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