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An AI-powered tool designed to create tailored pitch decks for startups.


MY PITCH DECK Description: MY PITCH DECK is a revolutionary AI-driven tool that offers personalized assistance to startups and entrepreneurs in crafting compelling pitch decks. It empowers users to make an impactful impression during investor meetings, fostering the confidence and preparation needed for success.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Pitch Deck Generation: The core functionality that creates a 10-slide pitch deck based on the specific inputs provided by the user, offering uniqueness and relevance.
  • Investor Questions Assistance: Offers a strategic set of 15 investor questions, preparing users to address potential queries and concerns during pitching.
  • Tips & Tricks Guidance: Provides 10 insightful tips and tricks to aid users in delivering an impactful and persuasive pitch.
  • Startup-Specific Customization: Tailors the pitch deck specifically to the user’s startup, reflecting the unique essence and value proposition.
  • PDF Delivery: Enables quick and easy access by delivering the generated pitch deck as a PDF file.

Areas of Use

  • Startup Funding Rounds: Assists in creating pitch decks for various funding rounds, aligning with startup vision and goals.
  • Business Competitions: Serves as a valuable tool for business competitions, ensuring a professional and compelling presentation.
  • Investor Meetings: Tailors content to resonate with potential investors, aiding in successful engagement.
  • Time-Saving Creation: Aids busy entrepreneurs in saving time and effort in creating a pitch deck from scratch.
  • Inspiration and Guidance: Acts as a resource for those seeking direction and creative inspiration for presenting startup ideas effectively.

What Makes it Special

The integration of AI to customize pitch decks, coupled with the provision of investor-specific resources, makes MY PITCH DECK a one-stop solution for startup pitching needs. Its ability to reflect the uniqueness of each startup sets it apart from competitors.


MY PITCH DECK transcends traditional pitching tools by leveraging AI and targeted insights to create unique, tailored pitch decks. It is a powerful asset for startups and entrepreneurs looking to elevate their pitch and engage investors with conviction. Whether you are an experienced professional or a new startup founder, MY PITCH DECK provides an efficient, insightful, and valuable solution to your pitch deck needs.


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